LTC Pharmacy Solutions provides state of the art medication management systems for assisted living, long-term and transitional care facilities. See how our solutions can benefit your facility! Call us at 1-877-840-6411 or contact us here through our site to find out more.

The Zip Pack compliant packaging system creates a streamlined efficient workflow by decreasing medication administration time for the nurses and delegated staff. There is no additional cost to your patients or your facility, and your patients will benefit from competitely priced medications.

Our unique med pass system involves customized packaging and quick delivery and is already in use in nursing homes and assisted living centers throughout the South. See how our unique solution can raise the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your facility.

Our Zip Pack compliance packaging system custom packages each patient’s medicines with the exact dosage. These packages come ready to dispense from a shelving system installed in your medication room, creating accuracy and reducing waste when dispensing.

LTC Pharmacy and the Zip Pack System is a huge time saver for our facilities. The Zip Pack system helped to greatly reduce medication & missed dose errors. LTC Pharmacy & their staff made the conversion to the Zip Pack System stress free for our facilities.–Melba Reed, Executive Director, BeeHive Homes of Mississippi

We partnered with LTC Pharmacy Solutions in 2011 and have benefited greatly from our relationship with them. They delivered on everything they promised. Our staff loves how easy their system has made it to distribute medication on a daily basis. Our patients and their families love it because they feel more secure about the medications they are receiving. –Karen Rogers, Royal Oaks Assisted Living Center, Tuscumbia, AL

Coming from a medication charge nurse of a 65 bed facility,  changing over to LTC pharmacy has helped  tremendously with the pre-packaging concept. We have had a lot less med errors, and not to mention the time it saves to prepare and distribute the medications. I would not hesitate to recommend LTC-Rx  to any facility looking for a positive change.–Leslie Tidwell, Avonlea Assisted Living, Tupelo, MS